Quantum Bullion Exchange Board

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Quantum Bullion Exchange Board (“QBEB”), formerly known as International Digital Asset Exchange Management Board, was successfully renamed on 3rd February 2021.

QBEB is the gateway to international bullion trading, investment and business ventures platforms around the world.

QBEB with its affiliates QMEI, and ACO Gold Sdn Bhd (“ACO” – a subsidiary of Quantum Metal Sdn Bhd and ASEAN Co-operative Organization) have an existing 60 million members within ASEAN countries.

QBEB aims to be the world’s renown Shariah Commodities Hub where it creates unlimited bullion investment and trading opportunities globally in a secured and transparent environment

To safeguard a cost-effective, secure and accessible Shariah Bullion exchange.

To preserve and enhance wealth among members through digitization.

To reach out to people and make financial freedom easily accessible to people in both physical and digital realm

Board Objective

Strengthen the role of internal management in bullion trading and investment sectors worldwide Create opportunities for members to be part of Shariah Communities Hub trader and investors To share valuable information on bullion business strategies, awareness campaigns, saving plans, CSR projects and exchange ideas among the registered members

Quantum Bullion
Exchange Board

Quantum Bullion Exchange Board (“QBEB”) was established to provide advice to Quantum Metal Sdn. Bhd. (“QMSB”) and ACO Gold Sdn. Bhd. (“ACO”)

It has access to internal activities of QMSB and ACO, ensuring the businesses are performed in accordance with National and International law and regulations, and meet the Shariah compliance standards.

QBEB’s functions are to conduct audit trails of the investor’s gold holdings against BRINKS daily report as well as bullion bank statements with 100% transparency, and to monitor Members code of conduct in upholding their duties and responsibilities which has been entrusted to them.

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